How to be a Productive College Student


Everyone only has 24 hours in a day, the difference is that productive people use these 24 hours more efficiently. During your first weeks at college, you will be given a great deal of advice about what to do and what not to do. It’s not easy being a college student. Especially when you’re taking 5 classes a week and a member of multiple clubs and organizations.

Being productive in college is how you’ll succeed. Not only will your grades see a difference, but also yourself as a whole. The following steps are how you can be a productive college student.

Go to class.
Getting up to go to class is a habit you want to integrate right from the start. If you do not go to class, I guarantee you will have a less productive day. You knew this would be first didn’t you?  Motivate yourself to get up in the morning with a cup of coffee, or walking with a friend. Remember, we are in college to go to class, not to nap.

Make your bed.
Make it every morning. It’s not that hard. Coming home to a freshly made bed will ensure that your night will be just as productive as your day. Sometimes I do not even place my pillows where they should go, putting the covers on neatly does the trick. A made doubles as a great place to dump your bag out after a long day.

Talk to your professors.
Trust me it is scary. But trust me, do it. Talking to my professors and creating relationships with them has benefited my college experience. It has allowed me to network, find job opportunities, and get a better grade! Make an appointment and go in and see your professors.  All of them.  Every semester.  I am not kidding.

Use a planner.
Prioritize your responsibilities so you can run your day like a boss. Using a planner will help you visualize your schedule and organize important dates. If you think you do not need to write due dates down and you will be able to remember it all, your kidding yourself. I mean heck, a planner can even help you remember what day it is, and who knows how many times a day I forget what day it is. Even if you’re a master at memorizing due dates and daily tasks, a planner will keep you organized so that you’re not in a scramble on the day you do end up forgetting about some assignment.  If you’re looking for a task planner you can use on your phone or laptop then head over to to try their free task management app.

Treat yourself.
Craving Sour Patch Kids, but also studying for an exam tomorrow morning? Treat yourself to a few candies each time you complete a chapter or section. Want a beer? Finish your online homework and then treat yourself to happy hour. Find something you enjoy(for me it’s food), and don’t be afraid to reward yourself every now and then.

Don’t go home.
Personally, stopping back at my apartment slows down my entire day. Don’t tell yourself you’re “going to stop home for a second” between class, because you will probably just end up napping, lets be honest. Stay on campus, spend your breaks at your favorite study spot, and don’t allow yourself to go home until you’ve done everything on your to-do list.

Do it right the first time.
One of the biggest time wasters in school is having to relearn something you didn’t learn properly the first time. If you don’t understand something you were taught in class today, treat it as a bug that must be fixed ASAP. Do not put it off. Do not pile new material on top of it. Don’t try to pile new material on top of an unstable foundation, since it will take even more time to rebuild it later.