Ultimate Guide to Dating Post-College

Ultimate Guide

If you think dating in college is tough, you’re right. Landing a date let alone a partner in college is freaking hard. Thankfully for all of your college graduates, it gets easier. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel. Dating after college is awesome because the rules and the games mostly disappear (unless you’re messing with immature people), and you just care less overall. By care less, I mean you’re more confident and less tempted to fit into the main crew or impress the “popular” people. You’re probably all into this idea but want to know how to do it.

1. Online dating isn’t desperate or weird anymore.

If you went on eHarmony in college, people would think you were doing it as a joke or doing research for a class. But post-grad, signing up for an online site to meet new people is totally normal and encouraged. You’re no longer spending Thursday-Sunday in a bar, so you need alternative ways to meet someone to go on a date with. So sign up for those adult dating sites and don’t feel desperate while doing it!

2. Get outside of your comfort zone.

In college, it would be weird to meet someone you’d be romantically interested in at a farmer’s market, cooking class, or yoga course. But post-college, these places are the best places to meet new people and set up some potential dates. The key to this is getting out of your comfort zone and approaching someone at one of these events. I know- approaching someone you think is attractive while not at a bar nor tipsy?! Sounds impossible. But it’s not!

3. You can date multiple people.

In college, going on dates with multiple people would get messy fast, mainly because everyone knows everyone and it’s almost impossible not to step on any toes. And of course, in college people who date more than one person is called a player or a whore. Post-college, the rules change. You’re not tied down to anyone unless you’re exclusive. So, date away!

4. Be open-minded.

When people graduate from college- especially women- they feel like their clock is ticking to get married. They have their outline of the perfect man or woman that they want to marry and set out on a quest to find them. Sorry to break it to you, but throw that list in the trash and never pick it up again! Sure, everyone has deal breakers. But the point is, the likelihood of you finding someone who fits your perfect mold of a partner is slim to none. Be more open minded to people’s quirks and flaws, and they just might turn into the perfect person for you.

5. Get comfortable and confident with yourself first.

Maybe dating in college is so hard because you’re still growing up and aren’t 100% confident and comfortable in your own skin yet. That’s the beauty of finding yourself. So before you go on date endeavors post-college, take some time to be alone and become the person you’re happy with.